Update to our SERVICES AND PROTOCOLS due to COVID 19(Updated 7/4/2020)


Due to recently passed local ordinances, ALL clients/guests of Charleston Black Cab Company/Crafted Travel Charleston will be required to wear masks for the duration of their service. 


• Each vehicle’s interior will be thoroughly sanitized before and after every service 

• Disinfecting products used will be EPA registered disinfectants, all proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria and germs, including coronaviruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2 and COVID 19) 

• Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols focused on thoroughly disinfecting all frequently touched areas including seats, armrests, headrests, vents, interior/exterior door handles, windows, control switches, seat belts and any other “touch-prone” areas of any vehicle 

• An additional wipe down after the disinfecting procedures are finished is performed to remove any chemical residues and lingering odors. 


• For personal hygiene, this starts with the policy of “continuous handwashing”. In accordance with the OSHA best practices, proper preventive hygiene for those in contact with the public includes: 

o Handwashing 1) whenever possible and 2) always washing hands between each ride 

and/or stop o Wearing a mask or other covering of the nose and mouth when near passengers or in 

confined spaces with passengers o Never touch your eyes, nose or mouth during a ride o Never touch a passenger for any reason 

• Chauffeurs who are exhibiting symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 will be removed from future services and will be required to provide a physician’s clearance in order to deliver services again. 


• Charleston Black Cab Company/Crafted Travel’s standard policy for providing passenger consumables (e.g. snacks, mints, water, tissues, etc.) have been amended and limited to only bottles of water, mints and snacks as indicated by the service provided, all of which are now provided only in individual or one-use packaging. 

• In addition to the consumables above, chauffeurs are to offer passengers (to accept at their discretion) disinfectant hand wipes and/or alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which are not in one- use individual packaging. 

• In addition to pre-ride cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures, all chauffeurs are to perform a wipe down of luggage handles or any other passenger persona effect handled or stowed by their chauffeur before passenger handoff. 

• The common chauffeur courtesy of greeting passenger with a handshake has been replaced with a simple bow or tip of the hat. 

• Removal of all other passenger convenience items and frequently touched items such as reading material and cell phone chargers. 

• Charleston Black Cab Company/Crafted Travel requires that all passengers, including the chauffeur, are seated as far apart as a vehicle configuration allows during service. Passengers will not be allowed to ride in the front seat. 

• Vehicle capacity may be limited as deemed necessary in the large group vehicles. 

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