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Renting A Party Bus

Tips For Renting A Party Bus

Party buses are gaining in popularity at an exponential rate, and they are perfect for heading to bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, sporting events, or festivals. You’ll travel in luxury and style as you enjoy the festivities on the way to your event. Guests will enjoy comfortable plush seating with lots of room to stand up and move around, and the party lasts until the end of the ride.

Here are tips that will help you when scheduling a party bus for your next event.


Make reservations

You’ll want to schedule your reservations in advance by at least a month. A week prior to your event, confirm your reservation with Charleston Black Cab. If you have an important date such as a wedding or bar mitzvah and need a party bus, you may even want to place your reservation as early as a year ahead in order to secure the party bus for your special day.


Let us know the details of your event, so that we may arrange for decorations and other special surprises. Tell us how many people we may expect and how long you’ll need our services. Also, know the location and distance of your ride. Add a few extra numbers for people and time that it will take for each of these categories. You don’t want to be surprised later if you have underestimated the time it will take or if you add more people at a later date.

Choose your vehicle

Choosing the vehicle you’d prefer is important, and a party bus will offer the most flexibility for your group. If you’re having a bachelorette party or heading to a concert, the party bus is just the ride to continue the festivities after the event is over.

Choose refreshments

Choosing your beverages and snacks is an important part of the party bus experience. Depending on your event, there are different regulations about what we can offer. We don’t allow alcoholic beverages for underage guests. However, we do allow for a variety of beverages, mixers, beer and wine for those who meet the criteria.

Music options

We offer a high quality stereo system on our party bus. If you’d prefer, you may hook up to audio jacks and play music straight from your playlists. You may also stream, but be aware that this will eat up your data quickly.

Know the limo rates

Make sure you know the rates pertaining to your rental, as fee structures can vary depending on the need. Hourly or flat rates may apply, and surcharges may be applicable. Fuel and other associated costs may be added. Party bus rates begin at $100-$300 an hour. However, we do offer special rates for certain events or for extended hourly rentals.

Pick your route

Would you like a direct route, or do you prefer a scenic tour on the way to your event? If you’d like to make stops along the way, let us know ahead of time. Our drivers will need to know your itinerary in order to provide you with the desired trip. Please consider fuel surcharges when planning your event.

Remember to tip your limo driver

You should expect to add an addition 18-20% of the total as a gratuity to your driver.


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