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Charleston-Wedding-Transportation-d4c74b60 10 Reasons You Should Rent a Limo Party Bus for your Wedding

10 Reasons You Should Rent a Limo Party Bus for your Wedding

| Charleston Black Cab | Blog


When planning your big day, there are countless reasons why renting a party bus will be a great way to get everyone there. Leave the driving to the experts at the Charleston Black Cab Company, and start the celebration before you even walk down the aisle.

1. One great thing about renting a party bus for your wedding is you won’t have to worry about anyone in the wedding party arriving late. Instead, when you rent a party bus, you can all arrive together. The stress of everyone trying to get through traffic and the bride stressing someone won’t make it will become obsolete.

2. No matter how many stops everyone needs to make or how many different directions everyone needs to go in, a party bus will get everyone where they need to go and when.  From the ceremony to the reception to the honeymoon for the newley weds and party for everyone else, a professional driver will always guarantee all are punctual and on schedule.

3. A party bus is the best travel option to host a large wedding party because they are naturally much larger than even a limo. Every party bus offers tv’s, a dvd player, wet bars and comfortable lounging areas for all.

4. There is no better way to thank your wedding party for being part of the most important day of your life than to throw a party for them in style and on wheels.  It is a great gift to give them and memories they too will carry with them for many years to come.

5. You don’t have to worry about having designated drivers for any one of your guests. You can party it up on the bus and at the reception and party with no worries.  The professional drivers are always there to get everyone safely to and from your special event back to their front door without any worries all in luxury wedding transportation.

6. No one will have to worry about planning routes, using a gps or figuring out where every location is from home or their hotel.  The drivers at the Charleston Black Company are very familiar with the area and know the best, safest, fastest and easiest routes to get everyone where they need to go and will make sure they are even accommodating for unexpected road delays.

7. You can totally customize what all you want available and served on board from food and drinks, to music, movies and games. All you need to concentrate on is having the time of your life and making the trips the best experience possible for everyone.

8. Sometimes you may just be worried about making sure everyone gets to the ceremony on time or you want to treat your guests to an all day seat in luxury. Either way, the Charleston Black Cab Company can and will be available for you for the few hours you are seeking or for various all day trips.
9. When you choose to use a party bus for you and all your friends, you are creating extra memories beyond that of the ceremony, reception and honeymoon.  Be sure and take lots of photos and share them with everyone who hops on the party bus with you.

10. You can even start early before the reception and have one last mini party with the bachelors or bachelorettes on the party bus.  This will make it a great way for everyone to relax, laugh, and gain all those extra memories before saying “I do”.

No matter what your needs, wants, dreams and desires are for all concerned when it comes to planning out your big day a party bus reservation is sure to make much of it quite a bit simpler than any other option out there. Be sure and plan ahead and put together everything you, your soon-to-be-spouse and everyone else in your wedding party will need for the trip, and leave the rest up to the Charleston Black Cab Company, your premier provider of limo service, SC.