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Bachelor-Party-Mistakes-855ef97e Bachelor Party Mistakes Not To Make

Bachelor Party Mistakes Not To Make

| Charleston Black Cab | Blog

When it comes to the planning of and celebrating at your bachelor party there are quite a few things you should definitely keep in mind throughout.

  1. Don’t allow the bachelor to go to the Bridal Shower on same day as the Bachelor Party. As a matter of fact, if at all possible, plan them on different days altogether. Letting the bachelor mingle with his bride-to-be alongside her friends during her own party could become potentially hazardous for all concerned. Let her have her party and the bachelor have his- separately.
  2. Don’t have a boring bachelor party, the guys will hate you. Seriously. Do your homework. Make fun, exciting and memorable for everyone. After all, this will be the last night you will ever have as a single man, so live it up.
  3. Don’t talk about the bachelor party outside the group. What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party. Nobody else needs to know, especially the bride-to-be. Keep it a special and unique event that you and your best buds will remember for years to come, and only you guys will remember.
  4. Don’t select an unmotivated best man. He should be the Van Wilder of the group. Pick a guy with some spunk and that still has a wild side to him. Party it up and make sure he knows just what partying really means.
  5. Don’t start the party too late. Pick a good time for your last shindig with the dudes that will be really captivating, but not tiring. You don't want the guys passing out from exhaustion after the first beer.
  6. Plan for proper transportation so everyone can have fun and not be in jail the next day. Hire a professional driver from a quality limo service, book in advance, and plan every detail ahead of time to get everybody to and from the party safely. A party bus or limo is sure to provide a rockin' good time for one and all and won't land anyone in handcuffs.
    Bachelor Party Mistakes
  7. Don’t stop at the strip club at the end of the night.  Everyone’s already drank up plenty and wallets will disappear at light speed and regrets abound. Plan your party at a specific place and keep it there, no matter how tempting it may be. Make the bachelor party epic for one and all and a run at the strip club afterwards definitely will not be necessary.
  8. No unapproved photography and nothing should ever show up on social media the night of. Collect the phones, keep them turned off and never allow your drunken buddies to take photos. The damage may be irreparable both before or after you say "I do".
  9. Plan ahead and don’t go broke. Set a budget and no matter what stick to it. Buy the liquor ahead of time. Pay for anything and everything imaginable in advance and keep the credit cards and cash out of arms (and temptations) length during your party.
  10. Plan ahead and don’t run out of beer. This is an absolute must. Take a head count advance, advance consider the capacity of each guy at your bachelor party and of course plan accordingly.
  11. DO HAVE FUN. Once all the scheduling, planning and details are taken care of, everybody knows the ground rules and safety measures are in place, do nothing else but have a blast!