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charleston-tailgating-eec255e4 Thought You Knew How to Tailgate? Hit the Road with a Party Bus.

Thought You Knew How to Tailgate? Hit the Road with a Party Bus.

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Let’s make one thing clear: The South loves college football. Waking up on a crisp Saturday morning, prepping with good ole College Gameday and wearing our sacred team colors is a feeling like no other. It’s in our blood. And many of us have a passion for tailgating. On any given Saturday you might find us playing rounds of beer pong alongside our extended football family—even with hated rivals. But have you ever considered loading up your favorite people on a Party Bus and hightailing it to Columbia or Clemson for an unforgettable tailgating experience? If you’re in Charleston, Crafted Travel—one of the Lowcountry’s only travel planners—can make it happen.

A Tailgating Experience Like No Other

Yeah, we said it. This tailgating package will be an experience for the books! Imagine crushing beers in a literal bar-on-wheels and tuning into America’s favorite college football pregame show—College GameDay—while on the way to the real deal. Tune in to see who will be included on the panel at the end of the program, and you’ll definitely want to see Lee Corso’s headgear picks. College GameDay is known for captivating audiences with a spirited passion for college sports regardless of the week’s destination.

What a Party Bus Is and Why You Should Choose One

When you think Party Bus, think BIG. Picture a behemoth big enough for groups of nearly all sizes, fully loaded with state-of-the-art technology like Samsung Smart TVs, Bluetooth audio, a high-quality sound system, and limousine and strobe lights. And they keep the essentials close by—craft beer, folding tables and solo cups, just to name a few.

Choosing a Charleston Party Bus provider shouldn’t be a difficult process. You can start by looking at the fleet size offered. Charleston Black Cab—a Crafted Travel affiliate—has the largest collection of Party Buses in South Carolina. They are well-maintained and offer plenty of space. And best of all, a standing wet bar is available for your convenience and entertainment.

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College Tradition and Culture

Whether football fans or not, most South Carolinians are aware of the heated rivalry that exists between the South Carolina and Clemson football programs. It’s an ode to our sense of community, dating back to the first-ever meeting between the two in 1896 when Carolina won the game 12-6 in Columbia. But ever since that game, Clemson has wedged a sizable gap between the teams and currently holds a 70-42-4 advantage over the Gamecocks.

While the separation is significant, it hasn’t stopped the Carolina faithful from sticking by their team. And if you have ever been to the annual Tiger Burn, you know there’s no shortage of passion and school spirit. No matter which team you pull for, this new tailgating package is an authentic way for you to experience the tradition and culture unique to your team.

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The Perfect Fit for Football Diehards

You won’t find an experience like this offered anywhere else in Charleston. This tailgating package is the most effective way to take full advantage of a Charleston Party Bus while still having enough money to get you in the game.  This package offers a winning combination of luxury, style and affordability. If you are from the South, we’re already assuming you love football, so take your tailgating experience to another level with a unique way to experience game day. 

We get it—you’re a football diehard. What better way to indulge your competitive spirit than by booking a tailgating package with an epic joyride to take you straight to the action? Leave the planning to the pros—call Crafted Travel at (843) 804-9933 or visit them online to get started.

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