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Doctors-Blog-Chauffeur-b6dcc92b Choosing a Black Car Service for Healthcare Transit in Charleston

Choosing a Black Car Service for Healthcare Transit in Charleston

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Seeking out medical care is a nervous experience because of how critical health is to quality of life. The stakes are much higher when involving sedation and ultimately surgery. And without dependable transportation, you’ll be clouded with concern that is easily eliminated when finding the right service for you or your loved ones.

Trying to find a limousine company that takes pride in providing the best care and highest quality service can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But after digging into the matter, the Charleston Black Cab Company is our pick as the city’s best among the rest. And with a policy of early arrival—fifteen minutes early—that is consistently delivered, it’s no wonder why. Arrive in good faith to your next medical appointment by trusting the professionals to get you there.

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A Fleet Fit For Any Need

Awareness of your transportation needs is a strong indicator of how a limousine company can best accommodate you. Charleston Black Cab was founded upon the principle of luxury, and has a diverse fleet to show for it. Depending on your preference for size and comfort, the roomy Lincoln Navigator, lengthy Mercedes Benz S 550, and compact & eco-friendly Toyota Highlander are a few of several options.

What’s a car service without a team committed to putting you first? Drivers are attentive, friendly, and thoroughly trained; this is important as it relates to customer needs. On-time service and satisfaction are guaranteed—straight from the owner himself.

Vehicles are fitted with cushioned seating and AC and heat control to maximize comfort throughout the trip. Choosing this black car service entitles riders to similar accessories, making your ride suitable and convenient. And combined with professional chauffeurs, you have everything needed to cruise in ultimate relaxation.

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Inpatient & Outpatient Services

Inpatient and outpatient services vary in the severity and urgency of the medical service in question. One thing distinguishing the two is that inpatient care prioritizes around-the-clock care for injuries, surgeries and other critical procedures. Boarding is provided by the hospital, and you can’t leave until you are medically cleared by hospital staff.

A widely recognized inpatient service is nursing home care. If you know anything about around-the-clock care for these residents, you understand the importance of preparing. Quality transportation is one way to make sure all parties involved are taken care of. Staff is fully equipped to handle any issue that comes your way.

Finally, outpatient services reflect treatment that fails to meet the threshold for inpatient care. Types of outpatient care are physical and court-ordered rehabilitation, pacemaker implantations, and referrals that require voluntary check-in. And remember the transportation offered relies on a strict scheduling regimen, so be sure to plan ahead of time.

Safety & Security

No matter your concern, the Black Cab team has instituted a rock-solid safety net for extra peace of mind. Take it from their insurance policy: the Company has tenfold the amount of coverage compared to the industry standard. Rideshare services not only lack this comprehensive coverage, but hired drivers are routinely unpredictable and the system for vetting them is shaky at best.

Some items are complimentary and others have to be requested ahead of time. For example, cold bottled water is stocked in every vehicle, no questions asked. Blankets, however, is a special request item that must be submitted when making arrangements. If you have a need not listed in this article, please take note of it and contact the concierge service desk to iron things out. And don’t be afraid to make a special request—they are well equipped to help.

A Package Created With You In Mind

This all-inclusive transportation package is listed at $199 for three hours, after taxes and gratuity. Best of all, each hour that follows is divided into $50 increments, just in case you surpass the allotted time. We agree that there’s no need in mounting extra fees against you in what is a time of worry.

Being a doctor demands a high level of precision. Why wouldn’t you expect the same of the limousine service tasked to do the job right? Working with someone who is experienced in their domain is why you would call the Charleston Black Cab Company in the first place. It’s a reflection of your taste for the best only the best—no exceptions.

Instead of focusing upon the lesser alternative and going a different route, let the professionals engineer your travel arrangements. If long distance travel is a must, read this blog for quick tips & knowhow to enhance your experience. Call (843) 216-2627 and explore the rest of our website to learn more.