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charleston-sunset-a4d24c47 Why I moved to Charleston

Why I moved to Charleston

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This CRAFTED travel concierge is a gypsy at heart. I was inspired to join the tourism industry because of the beauty of Alaska, and I enjoyed every moment of the two summers of employment I had with Princess Cruises. I educated myself about the hospitality world while enjoying sunsets over the desert in Bisbee, Arizona. A terrible procrastinator, I avoided my concierge career and slung booze on the unforgettable Bourbon Street. Then I landed my “dream” job as a lead concierge in the captivating mountains of Jackson, WY. With the unbelievable opportunities I had to explore and live in incredible locales throughout the great United States, I found myself with the choice to live anywhere, I planted roots in Charleston, SC, and here is why…

Weather – Charleston has one of the best climates I have experienced. I grew tired of being frozen seven months of the year in beautiful Jackson and have found bright, sunny days are what make me smile. On the average, Charleston sees about 200 days of blue skies a year.

The average low temperature on a Charleston winter day is 42 degrees, and in a place where winter only lasts two months, it’s easy for anyone to endure. Charleston provides some of the most memorable falls and springs, perfectly designed by nature for backyard fires and the classic Lowcountry oyster roasts. The mild climate also allows Charlestonians to grow their own gardens and offers plenty of opportunities to buy local at many farmer’s markets in and around town.

Play – The variety of opportunities to get out and enjoy our long summers is endless. Hit the “surf” with miles of white sandy beaches, sailing, deep sea fishing or even surfing. I love to get my kayak out on the maze of creeks, try my luck at paddleboarding or be part of the scene on a hydro bike on Shem creek.

If you prefer to stay on the “turf”, the golf in the region is world class, and Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course has hosted every major PGA event. The close proximity of the Frances Marion offers hiking, biking and camping opportunities in your backyard. Of course you can end a rigorous day of play with a cold, frosty pint of ingenious libation while listening to local tunes on one of the many outdoor decks the very popular local microbrew culture has to offer here.

Culture – Charleston’s rich history is one of the many reasons why people become enchanted by the city. Charleston is synonymous with culture from an array of museums that encompass our rich past in the role we played in US history to contemporary art.

Artists are drawn to this area for its lush canvas of natural beauty and are able to become part of a huge community of creators. From the various French Quarter galleries to native crafters featured at the markets as well as many small boutiques, you will be captured by the scene. The city serves up local theater, comedy, an endless supply of live music, world famous festivals and plenty of places for any college football enthusiast to cheer their team on. Just about everyone will feel at home in this gumbo pot of offerings.

Now that I’ve shared my Charleston story, it’s time for you to build your own. Let Handsome Homes help you find a property to fit your personality and budget. Specializing in Charleston area homes under $1 million, the agents at Handsome Homes offer dedicated service and the expertise needed to efficiently walk you through the home purchasing experience.

Whether you want to be part of the up and coming upper peninsula area in downtown Charleston or if you would prefer to get out of the “city” and try the Byrnes Down part of West Ashley Handsome Homes will be there. Maybe even look at the not-to-be-missed beautiful Old Mount Pleasant, the team at Handsome properties has the knowledge to offer options as varied and unique as the people that live here. The agents at Handsome Homes will invite you to Charleston with traditional Southern hospitality and make your move as smooth as our iced tea. Welcome home…